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Locally Grown, Naturally Trusted

Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

 Our plants are grown locally, naturally and with passion! 


Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

Vegetables, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, we are your Nova Scotia growing experts!


Home Of Farmer Bob

Over 45 Years Of Top Quality Plants

Home Of Farmer Bob

Farmer Bob and staff can turn that black thumb into a green one!

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How We Started

West River Greenhouses is a family owned & operated greenhouse business specializing in growing healthy, top quality plants since 1973

Starting with field vegetables, Charlie Sr. and Robert (aka. Farmer Bob) saw the potential for adding curb appeal plants to their 'growing' industry. With the addition of more greenhouses they started selling flowering plants alongside their vegetables and noticed a steep trend towards growing for color over growing for food.

Now, after over 45 years in the greenhouse business, Mr. & Mrs. Farmer Bob have continued to emphasize the production of top quality plants with low impact on the environment and with a local workforce. Interestingly, the current trend is swinging towards growing for food over color and Farmer Bob & staff are ready to help their customers learn how to achieve their gardening goals.

What Matters To Us

In the early 2000's we began the transition into using less toxic chemicals in our production facility. This process includes stricter cultural controls (monitoring soil moisture, air flow and spacing) plus the use of beneficial molds, bacteria and insects to combat typical greenhouse pests such as mildew and bad bugs (aphids, spidermites, all of those cringe-worthy pests).

We have been proudly using these controls for over 14 years with great success. We are proud to say all of our plants are grown and kept healthy for you without the use of harmful chemicals. MEET OUR HELPERS

Progress Is Impossible Without Change

As with gardening trends, the shape of our business is always changing. We decided to close our New Glasgow location in 2018 to put more focus into our main location, just a 15 minute scenic drive away.

Back to our roots, we are confident you will find all the colour and advice you will need for a successful growing season.

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