What we grow

What we offer

Hardy Shrubs

Compost, Mulch & Manures

Hardy Shrubs


If your property needs structure, we have your answer. Flowering, fruiting and some with coloured foliage, we only carry shrubs that will thrive in Nova Scotia.

Hardy Trees

Compost, Mulch & Manures

Hardy Shrubs


Trees cool the earth and compliment any landscape. We only carry trees that will thrive in Nova Scotia.

Compost, Mulch & Manures

Compost, Mulch & Manures

Compost, Mulch & Manures


Soil is the immune system of your plant, keep it rich and healthy! We carry anything and everything you may need to get your soil ready for planting and to protect your plants.


Natural & Safe Options

Compost, Mulch & Manures


Plants are just like us, they need to eat! We carry a large selection of fertilizer options to suit your plants needs, including fertilizers designed particularly for the Cannabis growers!

Natural & Safe Options

Natural & Safe Options

Natural & Safe Options


It can be tough to feed your plants naturally and to control pests. We carry many natural control and feeding options in our store, and we use them in our production greenhouses!


Vegetables & Small Fruit

Edible Gardening

Feel the satisfaction of growing your own food, it's easy!

We grow many varieties of transplant vegetables, herbs & berries suited to Northern Nova Scotia climates. Juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and sweet strawberries to name just a few!

Vegetable seed can also be found in our store plus fertilizers and soil boosters.



Bright Color All Summer

Annuals are bright, happy flowers that you need to replace each year - you plant them annual-ly.

Let our staff help you choose which annuals will do best for your location. Do you need plants for sun or shade? To plant in a bed or in a pot? Do you have a favourite colour? 

Remember, most annuals should not be planted without protection before the first full moon in June! Be sure to protect those little beauties.



Seasonal Spectacular Color

If you are looking for flowers you only need to plant once, perennials are your ticket! These plants will grow from the ground each Spring and give you a colour show during their stay.

With so many options in size, colour and favored conditions we have the perfect perennials for every property.

Remember, perennials typically have a time of season they bloom so it is important to buy different perennials that will bloom at different times to ensure color all season long. Ask one of our staff to help you select a bright assortment.


Hanging Baskets

Our Baskets Are The Best

Our designers are the best in the biz! It isn't easy paring colour combinations, growing conditions and growing speed but they always bring it all together to create beautiful healthy baskets for sun or shade.

When choosing your basket always consider what it's new home is like. Is it sun or shade, windy or calm? Ask one of our staff members for help if you're unsure.

If you don't see anything you like, check out our custom containers program.


Containers & Window Boxes

Colorful, Edible Or Both

 Big or small, sun or shade, we have a huge selection of beautiful containers and window boxes available.

Oh, you are more interested in food? Well we have that covered as well! Pick a salad right off your deck with one of our edible boxes!

P.S. An edible container makes an excellent Father's Day gift!


Basket stuffers & potted plants

Great Selection For The DIY

You know your own taste best so we try our hardest to have a great selection of what we use in our containers on hand so you can choose which plant combinations to fill your own planters.

Tip: Focus on  your Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers (what?? Attend a workshop or ask a staff member for more info).