Our staff

2018 Pictou County Go Clean Get Green

Our Staff Are The Best!

We depend on hardworking, friendly and local people to help us bring our products to you. When visiting us you will only meet our amazing retail staff, but behind the scenes we have a top notch team of production and office staff ensuring top quality plants!

helpers keeping us natural



Microscopic wigglies who eat bad bug larvae, bacteria and mold spores!

We also order garden nematodes for customers which will help eliminate lawn grubs, vegetable wire worms along with many more outdoor pests.


Predator Insects

We fight bad bugs with good bugs!

Most of our predator insects and mites are almost too tiny to see. They won't hurt you or cause you any problems. A great natural way to keep pests at bay!


What is that?

Some of our beneficals come as tags which carry tiny eggs. We place these around the greenhouse to hatch in the warmth. If you have one on your plant not to worry! The bugs are too small for you to see, there is nothing to worry about and the tag likely only contains empty eggs.